Toni's Adventure World

Toni's Adventure World

Prices Toni's Adventure World


up to 12 years
€ 9.00
from 13 years
€ 4.50

1. Admission to Toni's Adventure World is only granted when accompanied by parents or an accompanying person. 

2. The duty of supervision lies with the parents or the accompanying person. 

3. Toni's Adventure World is suitable for children up to the age of 12. The toddler area is suitable for children up to the age of three. 

4. The receipt is only valid in conjunction with the stamp. You will receive the stamps from the Kinderland team at the entrance to the Kinderwelt. The stamp must be given before entering the plant! 

5. Use the equipment at your own risk. 

6. Socks are mandatory! Wearing shoes or walking barefoot is not allowed for hygienic reasons. 

7. Food and drinks are not allowed in Toni's Adventure Land! 

8. Food and drink shall be taken exclusively at the allocated tables. 

9. Dispose of your waste exclusively in the designated containers. 

10. Watch your stuff. We assume no liability for wardrobe or lost items. For a deposit of 1,00 € lockers are available in the entrance area of the Kinderwelt. 

11. If you lose your keys from our lockers, contact the staff immediately. 

12. Make sure that your children do not run up or down the slides. There is a high risk of injury! 

13. As a safety measure, you should remove hanging jewelry or jackets with cords from your children before romping around. 

14. Help protect our children. There's no smoking here! 

15. Admission is free for hotel guests. 

16. The carrying of lighters, pocket knives and alcoholic beverages is forbidden! 

17. The staff reserves the right to carry out random checks. We ask for your understanding. 

18. Pets must stay outside! 

19. If you have any questions, please contact our team. We are happy to help you!