Slope rules

alpincenter slope rules

Every visitor has to abide by these rules and the instructions of the staff.

§1 If now not in class children under the 8 are only allowed to stay in the winter world when accompanied by a parent.

§2 Children are strongly asked to wear a helmet.

§3 Food and drinks are now allowed on the slope.

§4 Smoking is prohibited.

§5 Every visitor has to stick to the presently valid rules of the F.I.S.

§6 Access only with ski, snowboard or tubing equipment.

§7 The wearing of gloves is obligatory.

§8 The admission ticket is not transferable and has to be carried along all the time.

§9 Ski courses are only taught by the ski school of the alpincenter.

§10 For safety reasons Handicapped persons are ask to register at the cash desk.

One will be reprimanded in case of rowdily behaviour and noncompliance of these rules.

Use of the ski slope and ski lift at your own risk!